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unlock the uncommon

Harry Potter Rarepairs

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Welcome to alohomorare, the community for fanfiction about the rare Harry Potter pairings. We welcome fanfics of all lengths and ratings, het or slash, as long as they are about the less-ficced pairings in the HP fandom.

Rules and Guidelines:
1) Please refrain from netspeak. The occasional "this is teh sex" in the comments is fine, but otherwise keep to proper English spelling and grammar and keep others' eyes from bleeding.
2) Please lj-cut any fic over 100 words or rated above PG-13.
3) Art of rarepairs may be posted, as long as it is LJ-cut and marked with a rating. For NC-17 art, please mark the rating clearly and post only a link to the off-site address.
4) No off-topic posts. If you're plugging a website or community, do so at the bottom of an on-topic post containing rarepair fic or art.
5) Use the following template when posting all fics:
(may be omitted if neccesary to retain surprise/suspense in the story)
Warnings: Warn for any potentially objectionable content, such as incest, noncon (rape), bloodplay, BDSM, bestiality, chan, or cross-gen.

Please note that the following pairings are not allowed at alohomorare:
Exceptions will be made if the pairing is part of a threesome or in the background of a story centering on a rare pairing. Please note that this is not a judgement on the merit of these pairings, just on the volume of fic centering on them. There's plenty of places to post your fics centering on these ships, just not here.

Challenges will be issues by the moderator once every couple of weeks. Challenges may consist of a character, a quote, a topic, or certain elements which must be included. All posting members are invited to participate in each challenge. Het and slash of any rating will be accepted. Please mark challenge posts in the subject line.

As of now, membership is open and posting is restricted. It is not intended that this become an exclusive community, merely that a level of quality is maintained. If you would like to gain posting access, please send the mods a thousand word (or thereabouts) sample of your writing. So much of quality is personal taste; all we're looking for in posting members is a willingness to put thought and effort into writing and editing your fics, exemplified by spellchecking, proofreading, and believable characterizations.

The characters and world of Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling. This community is for entertainment only, no profit or infringement is intended.
Adult content is clearly marked, and not intended for those under the age of majority in their country.

Do you moderate or own a website or community devoted to a rare character or ship? Affiliate with us! Just send me an e-mail letting me know and we can exchange nifty little buttons to put on the userinfo.

-Your friendly, rarepair-loving mods,
starrysummer (starrysummer47@yahoo.com) and rubykate