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66 Icons! Mostly HP femmeslash. <3

I made a shitload of icons--66 of them! I've been meaning to post these for forever, and the amount of them have been racking up in the meantime.

Anyway, most of them are HP femmeslash rarepairs, and a lot of the rarest are from the same base.

The bases...I used bases from Getty images, publicity photos of the HP movie actors, my own photos of barbies (*snicker*), a picture I've had forever of Guess model Megan Ewing, and there's a single Saved by the Bell Zack/Slater icon that __hibiscus found the base picture for. The four house gem buttons I created entirely in Photoshop. <3

If you do decide to use any, please comment and credit, if you would! :)

Under the cut there are...

7 Tonks/Fleur
4 Lavender/Parvati
1 Luna/Ginny
1 Pansy/Millicent
1 Pansy/Ginny
1 Bellatrix/Narcissa
1 Hermione/Penelope
1 Pansy/Narcissa
1 Myrtle/Ginny
1 Ginny/Angelina
1 Alicia/Angelina
1 Padma/Narcissa
1 Pansy/Fleur
1 Pansy/Luna
1 Parvati/Fleur
1 Parvati/Luna
1 Parvati/Narcissa
1 Narcissa/Fleur
1 Padma/Fleur
1 Padma/Lavender
1 Padma/Luna

Other HP Pairings
1 Harry/Ron/Hermione

HP Characters
4 sexyolder!Hermione
4 sexylesbianheartbreaker!Hermione
3 sexystraightheartbreaker!Hermione

Gen HP Icons
2 Gryffindor Gems
2 Hufflepuff Gems
2 Ravenclaw Gems
2 Slytherin Gems
1 Weasley (red hair sketch)

HP Movie Actors
1 Dan

Saved by the Bell
2 Zack/Slater

1 Hephaestion (Alexander/Hephaestion implied)

Flowers in the Attic
1 Dresden Dolls (all four children from cover art)

Miscellaneous Celebrities
3 Angelina Jolie
4 Zach Braff (one with Garden State)
1 Peter Sarsgaard
1 Ty Greenstein (with Girlyman band logo)


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